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  • Anglais

    Mystery Skype in Albert Camus 3ème Jean Moulin
    We did a « Mystery Skype » with another class (We saw them on the interactive board and the webcam).
    We don’t know where they are located in the world and we have to find the city where they live.
    We spoke English together.
    We asked them yes-no questions.
    We found their location in less than an hour.
    The students were from Gloucester in England and they were 7 years old ! They wore their school uniforms.
    We had roles : Morgane, Andrea, Franck and Chadine took notes. Murat, William, Lucas and Amandine looked in the atlases. The other (...)

  • Arts plastiques

    Travaux d’élèves des 6e6 :
    Poèmes des 4e5 :